Rule Changes Put Teachers on Equal Footing

Department of Education (to March 26, 2013)

July 13, 2004 1:38 PM

The Department of Education and the Nova Scotia Teachers Union
(NSTU) have announced changes in regulations to place all
teachers certified by July 31, 2000, on the same footing.

"Many excellent teachers will benefit from this," said Education
Minister Jamie Muir. "It's something we were able to do without
changing our high teaching standards. Students will benefit too
because school boards will now be in a much stronger position to
recruit and retain teachers."

Teachers who obtained certification outside the province by July
31, 2000, will now receive their Nova Scotia certification based
on the rules in force on that date.

Previously, this group was required to certify under revised
rules which were established on Aug. 1, 2000. Teachers certified
in Nova Scotia by July 31, 2000, however, were unaffected by the
revised rules.

The new regulations, which have been accepted by the NSTU under
the Teachers' Provincial Agreement, apply the same standards to
both groups.

Brett Woodbury, registrar of teacher certification with the
Department of Education, said the new regulations are a response
to concerns from teachers.

"Their views are important," he said. "We value our relationship
with our teachers."

"This change in regulations will greatly benefit our teachers and
the students they serve," said NSTU president Brian Forbes. "We
are pleased to have resolved this matter collaboratively."

The changes take effect this year on Aug. 1. More than 200
teachers will likely receive higher classifications of
certification as a result.

All teachers certified after July 31, 2000, remain subject to the
revised rules.


     All teachers from outside the province will now receive

their Nova Scotia certification under the same rules as teachers

certified here.

     Previously, teachers trained outside Nova Scotia before

August 1st, 2000, were subject to different rules.

     The change was announced jointly by the Department of

Education and the Nova Scotia Teachers Union.

     Education Minister Jamie Muir and N-S-T-U president Brian

Forbes said the changes will benefit both teachers and students.

The changes will take effect this year, on August 1st.


Contact: Bill Turpin
         Department of Education

jal         July 13, 2004      1:38 P.M.