New Governance Model Effective Aug. 1

Department of Education (to March 26, 2013)

July 29, 2004 1:05 PM

After months of consultation with staff from the Department of
Education, the Strait, Tri-County and the South Shore District
school boards are only days away from the long-awaited move to
regional status.

"We thank the three board chairs and their staff for all of their
hard work over the year as they worked with the department to
plan a smooth transition from their district to regional status,"
said Economic Development Minister Ernest Fage on behalf of
Education Minister Jamie Muir. "We have every confidence that
students will benefit from a quality education under the new
regional boards, which is the priority for all of us."

Effective Aug. 1, the Strait, Tri-County and the South Shore
district boards will complete the move to regional status. The
pilot Strait regional board and the pilot Southwest regional
board will be dissolved.

All three pilot school boards asked to revert to regional board
status. The new regional boards will have all the authorities and
responsibilities of regional boards elsewhere in the province.

The South Shore and Tri-County boards will share financial
services, human resources services and information technology.
Staff providing shared services will be employed by one or the
other of the two school boards. Other staff will become employees
of the regional board where they are located.

All benefits, pay rates and collective agreements will remain the

A management committee consisting of the chair and superintendent
of each board will manage and lead the shared services
arrangement in accordance with a service agreement and

The appointments of the chief executive officer and the director
of education in the pilot Southwest and Strait Regional School
will be revoked effective July 31. The new regional school boards
will announce the new superintendents as soon as possible after
Aug. 1.

The new board structure was announced in April 2004 after Cabinet
approved the recommendation to move the district boards to
regional status in time for the fall 2004 school board elections.

In 2000, the former Southwest Regional School Board was split
into two district boards: the Tri-County and South Shore pilot
district educational boards. These district boards shared a
regional service provider, which was responsible for managing
facilities, transportation, human resources and providing
financial services support.

The pilot structure was extended to the Strait in 2002.


     The Strait, Tri-County and South Shore district school

boards are days away from moving to regional status.

     Economic Development Minister Ernest Fage, on behalf of

Education Minister Jamie Muir who is out of province this week,

thanked the board chairs and staff for their hard work to plan a

smooth transition.

     Mr. Fage says he has every confidence students will continue

to benefit from a quality education under the new school boards.

     Effective August 1st, the three district school boards will

become regional school boards. The South Shore, Tri-County school

boards will share financial services, human resources and

information technology.


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