Brookland Elementary Officially Opens

Department of Education (to March 26, 2013)

February 7, 2005 12:35 PM

Students joined together with educators, community members and
government today, Feb. 7, to officially open Brookland Elementary
School in Sydney.

The Primary to Grade 6 facility welcomed more than 500 students
last September, replacing Colby, Sacred Heart, and St. Joseph

"Brookland is a wonderful school," said Education Minister Jamie
Muir. "The students and staff have brought the spirit of the
three predecessor schools to a fine new building with all the
modern amenities.

"There's no better example of that spirit than the money they've
raised for the regions hit by the tsunami in South Asia -- $2,300
and counting."

Darlene Morrison, chair of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional
School Board, said Brookland holds great promise for children in
the area.

"I am convinced that this new school will allow everyone --
students, teachers, parents and the community -- the opportunity
to find answers, to discuss and share problems, and to work
together for the ultimate goal of a thorough education for every
child," she said.

The participants marked the event by unveiling a commemorative
plaque. Student performers provided entertainment.

The school is home to 24 classrooms, a spacious gym, an art room,
a music room, and a multi-media room. It devotes 3,716 square
metres (40,000 square feet) to teaching and learning with space
for storage and support.

The new school is part of an eight-year, $400-million investment
by the province in its children. It was built at a cost of almost
$11 million.


     Students joined together with educators, community members

and government today (February 7th) to officially open Brookland

Elementary School.

     The Sydney school welcomed more than 500 students last


     It replaced the former schools of Colby, Sacred Heart and

St. Joseph's.

     At the ceremony, Education Minister Jamie Muir praised the

students for raising more than 23-hundred dollars in tsunami



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