Celebrate National Forest Week in Nova Scotia

Department of Natural Resources (to July 2018)

April 29, 2005 1:15 PM

Nova Scotians of all ages can celebrate National Forest Week --
which begins Sunday, May 1 -- by taking in an educational play at
a local school, playing tree trivia, or simply enjoying a walk in
the woods.

Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources staff are joining
local groups and associations to conduct activities related to
National Forest Week to increase awareness about the many living
things that call our forests home. Nova Scotia's theme for the
week this year is "Canada's Forest and Wetlands: Our Natural
Water Filters."

"The forests provide people with many benefits, including a place
for personal recreation, exercise, and reflection, as well as
economic benefits," said Richard Hurlburt, Minister of Natural
Resources. "In addition, it provides wildlife habitat, and a
water source for wetlands and water courses."

Children's entertainer Jim Dalling will perform his "Ask me if
I'm a Tree" show for school children in grades 3 to 6 throughout
Nova Scotia during the week. The show is an educational,
entertaining and interactive presentation that brings the message
of responsible forest use and sustainable forest management.

"Mr. Dalling's presentation has become an important and
consistent part of annual National Forest Week activities in Nova
Scotia and he continues to show children how important our
forests are to Nova Scotians," said Mr. Hurlburt.

Other events around the province include school visits by Natural
Resources staff. Staff will talk with Grade 6 students about the
importance of our forests and will distribute seedlings for them
to plant. Radio Tree Trivia contests will be held daily with
prizes provided by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural
Resources. Prizes are Nova Scotia atlases, T-shirts and books
entitled Trees of Nova Scotia.

A new event called Kids in the Forest is also planned to provide
the opportunity for elementary children to spend time in the
forest, while learning more about the importance of forests from
department staff.

National Forest Week is sponsored by the Canadian Forestry
Association and runs until Saturday, May 7. More information
about National Forest Week and activities is available at


     Nova Scotians can celebrate National Forest Week from May

1st to May 7th in many ways. Activities are taking place

throughout the province, from school presentations to mall

displays and open houses.

     Natural Resources Minister Richard Hurlburt says our forests

provide many benefits to Nova Scotians, from a place of solitude

to major economic benefit.

     This message is being promoted to school children this year

through the "Ask Me if I'm a Tree" presentation by children's

entertainer Jim Dalling. This educational show teaches students

in grades three to six about responsible forest use and

sustainable forest management.

     More information is available on the Department of Natural

Resources website (www.gov.ns.ca/natr).

Contact: Tim Dunne
         Natural Resources
         E-mail: dunnetij@gov.ns.ca