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Immigration Grants Awarded

Immigrants will receive more language training, more help getting into the workplace, and more information to help them settle in Nova Scotia.

Immigration Minister Rodney MacDonald announced today, Sept. 9, $1.5 million in immigration funding, more than double what was available last year. About 30 per cent of the funding will go towards new rural, suburban and outreach programs.

"We are able to fund all of the great language and employment-related programs that were funded in previous years, and more," Mr. MacDonald said. "Provincial immigration funding is available for the first time to rural communities, and for new projects with our Acadian, Francophone and African Nova Scotian communities."

New projects include language training for engineers, a cable television show on immigration issues, and English second-language education in public schools. All regional development authorities that submitted proposals will receive funding and the Kings County Learning Association will receive funding for language training aimed at helping immigrants find work.

The Metropolitan Immigration Settlement Association is receiving new funding to work with communities -- including Acadian and Francophone communities -- to create services and networks to help immigrants settle across the province. The association is also receiving funding for the New Beginnings outreach program so immigrants across the province can access pre-employment workshops online.

An English second-language program offered at Halifax public libraries will be expanded, and offered at Alderney Gate Public Library in Dartmouth.

Among the existing services that will continue to be funded: English second-language tutoring at home and in classrooms; the Metropolitan Immigration Settlement Association's language training for medical professionals and pre-employment workshops; and the Nova Scotia Community College's advanced English second-language training and introduction to post-secondary education program, which helps immigrants enter university or community college.

Almost $200,000 remains to be allocated on programs that meet such priorities as recognizing the qualifications of immigrant workers, and supporting welcoming communities for ethno-cultural groups.

"Our success in helping immigrants settle, succeed and stay very much depends on the success of the groups who receive funding," said Mr. MacDonald. "Over the next year, staff will work with interested groups, so we can look forward to even more innovative proposals that meet our immigration priorities."

Mr. MacDonald said the funding decisions were helped by a fair and open process, clear funding criteria and a qualified assessment committee. "By involving federal and provincial partners at the decision-making table, we had the experience and background needed to support good decisions, and great projects," he said.

The assessment committee is made up of representatives from the Office of Immigration, the Office of Economic Development, the Department of Education, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Heritage Canada and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

The funding process was based on recommendations in the province's immigration strategy.


Immigrants will receive more language training, more help getting into the workplace, and more information to help them settle in Nova Scotia.

The province is providing one-point-five million dollars in funding, twice as much as last year. Immigration Minister Rodney MacDonald says the money will fund new work in rural and Acadian and Francophone communities in addition to all the great programs funded in previous years.

Programs include a language program for engineers, a cable television show, and an expanded language program in public libraries.

A federal-provincial assessment committee made the funding recommendations to the Immigration minister, based on the province's immigration strategy.



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