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Kingswood School Officially Opens

Kingswood Elementary School, in Hammonds Plains, officially opens today, Nov. 23, providing a modern, healthy and environmentally friendly new school for about 600 Grade Primary to 6 students.

The newest school in the Halifax Regional Municipality is the result of an $8.5-million education investment by the province. A parent-led effort raised more than $100,000 in cash and donations of goods and services to enhance the school grounds and playground equipment.

"Kingswood Elementary School is a fine addition to the province's school system and to the Halifax Regional School Board," said Education Minister Jamie Muir. "It reflects how good things happen when the province, the board and the school community can co-operate to achieve a common vision."
"It gives me great pleasure to attend the official opening of this school, which truly meets the needs of today's students and that will continue to serve students well into the future," said Deborah Brunt, Halifax Regional School Board member for District 11. "We know that what makes a school great goes well beyond bricks and mortar. Students, teachers, staff, and parents have already breathed life into Kingswood Elementary, making it a special place to learn and a point of pride in the community."

Because of features such as a heat-recovery ventilation system and energy efficient windows, the province received $60,000 from the Commercial Building Incentive Program, an initiative of Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency. Kingswood Elementary contains 5,895 square metres of conditioned floor space and is expected to achieve energy savings of 49 per cent over the National Energy Code for Buildings' standard for schools. Due to its energy-efficient design, it is expected to save $44,424 in energy costs and produce 390 tonnes less carbon dioxide per year than a typical new school.

"I would like to extend my congratulations to Kingswood Elementary," said federal Fisheries and Oceans Minister Geoff Regan, speaking on behalf of John McCallum, the Minister of Natural Resources Canada. "With its many energy-efficient features, it proves that saving energy and saving the environment go hand in hand, and that a ‛greener' future for all of us starts with the vision and actions of Canadians who design, build and operate buildings like this one."

The school was designed by WHW Architects, with input from the school steering committee. Rideau Construction was hired to build the school.

Kingswood Elementary is part of the province's long-term strategy to renew the educational system.

"This government is investing more than $400 million over eight years to build new schools and to renovate existing schools. We know this will mean a huge improvement to the province's education system," said Mr. Muir.

In November, the province officially opened four schools, serving 1,600 students and worth more than $27 million. Port Maitland Consolidated, near Yarmouth, opened on Nov. 15. Cumberland North Academy and Spring Street Academy opened in Cumberland County on Nov. 18.


Halifax's newest P to 6 school was officially opened today (Wednesday, November 23rd), in Hammonds Plains.

Kingswood Elementary, serving about 600 students, represents an eight point five million dollar investment by the province.

A parent-led effort raised more than 100 thousand dollars in cash and materials to enhance the school grounds and playground equipment. Natural Resources Canada provided 60 thousand dollars to reimburse the province for improvements that make the school more energy efficient.

This is the fourth public school opened by the province this month, part of the government's strategy to invest 400 million dollars over eight years to improve the education system.


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