No McNabs Island Camping Until End of June

Department of Natural Resources (to July 2018)

May 23, 2006 3:03 PM

No camping will be allowed on McNabs Island in Halifax Harbour until the end of June.

Officials at the Department of Natural Resources will work with the McNabs and Lawlor Islands Provincial Park Advisory Committee to establish designated camping sites that will take effect the Canada Day long weekend.

Until this weekend there had been limited camping on the island. The department says a mistake was made on Saturday, May 20, when two groups of campers were told to leave McNabs. Two conservation officers from outside metro were not aware of the island's traditional uses.

"A mistake was made, and I want to apologize to those who were told to leave the island," said Natural Resources Minister Brooke Taylor. "Our staff will be happy to offer them a free weekend of camping at a provincial park of their choice. In the meantime, we're going to use this opportunity to eliminate any confusion among people who want to visit McNabs."

Mr. Taylor said the department will designate temporary campsites on the island by the end of June, in co-operation with the advisory committee. Until then, camping is not allowed anywhere on the island.


     The province says camping will not be allowed on McNabs

Island, until designated campsites are announced by the end of


     Natural Resources Minister Brooke Taylor says his department

will work with an advisory committee to designate the camping


     But Mr. Taylor says it was a mistake when conservation

officers forced two groups of campers off McNabs this past


     Mr. Taylor says the conservation officers were not from the

area and were not aware that there was limited camping on the


     He says, to clear up any confusion, there will be no camping

anywhere on the island until the end of June, when the designated

sites will be made available.


Media Contact: Tim Dunne
              Natural Resources