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Conserve Nova Scotia Launches With Oil Heat Appliance Rebate

A new agency means Nova Scotians will now have a dedicated resource to assist them with reducing their energy consumption.

Premier Rodney MacDonald launched Conserve Nova Scotia, the province's new energy efficiency agency today, Oct. 20. The premier was joined by Energy Minister Bill Dooks and Conserve Nova Scotia chief administrative officer, Heather Foley Melvin.

Energy efficiency programs can reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions up to 30 per cent per household. Premier MacDonald said creating Conserve Nova Scotia will help Nova Scotians achieve these savings.

"Creating Conserve Nova Scotia will help put a greater emphasis on energy efficiency and conservation in the province, both for families and for industry," said Premier MacDonald. "The agency will help Nova Scotians contribute to a sustainable environment for future generations. We intend to make Conserve Nova Scotia a leader in the country."

Energy Minister Bill Dooks will be the minister responsible for Conserve Nova Scotia. In this role, the minister will bring together representatives of concerned community groups to create a Minister's Advisory Council on Conservation and Energy Efficiency.

Conserve Nova Scotia will develop programs and policies to encourage Nova Scotians to reduce energy waste and achieve greater energy efficiency. The agency's first program will be a $1.1 million energy efficient oil appliance rebate. The new rebate program, called Retire Your Furnace, will be part of the Smart Energy Choices program reassigned to Conserve Nova Scotia from the Department of Energy.

"The oil appliance rebate program will help Nova Scotians save money on home heating costs and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions in the environment," said Mr. Dooks. "The government is moving forward with efforts to build a stronger, energy-efficient future for Nova Scotians."

Conserve Nova Scotia will partner with the Canadian Oil Heat Association on the rebate program.

"By working with the local Canadian Oil Heat Association, we will be able to deliver an efficient rebate program," said Ms. Foley Melvin. "Their industry-wide connection to retailers across the province will help us more effectively reach homeowners who are in the market for new oil heating appliances."

"Many Nova Scotia homes have older oil heating systems, that are much less efficient than the best systems on the market today," said Scott Andison, president and CEO of the Canadian Oil Heat Association. "This rebate program will help encourage homeowners to invest in the most energy-efficient oil heat equipment available to heat their homes."

Nova Scotians will be eligible for up to $500 in provincial government rebates. Applicants must be the registered owner of the household where the appliance is installed.

The provincial government rebate, applied at point of sale, applies to four different oil heat systems:

  • Energy Star-rated oil-fired boilers with an annual fuel utilization efficiency rating of 85 per cent or more. Rebate is $250.
  • Energy Star-rated warm air furnaces with an annual fuel utilization efficiency rating of 83 per cent or more. Rebate is $200.
  • Indirect water heater used with an Energy Star-certified oil hot water boiler. Rebate is $250.
  • Energy Star-rated indirect water heaters installed in conjunction with an Energy Star boiler. Rebate is $500.

Homeowners who purchased qualified oil heat appliances between Oct. 12, 2005, and Oct. 20, 2006, are eligible for the provincial rebate. They must complete a mail-in application.

Details on the rebates are available at or by calling 1-800-670-4636. Applications will be available at all Access Nova Scotia centres starting Monday, Oct. 23.

Beginning Saturday, Oct. 21, additional dealer and manufacturer rebates of up to $250 will be available from the Nova Scotia division of the Canadian Oil Heat Association. Retailers are offering rebates on three systems (excluding indirect water heaters) to consumers. A full list of participating manufacturers offering the additional rebates can be found on the website at or by calling 1-800-257-1593.

About 60 per cent of homeowners in Nova Scotia use oil to heat their homes. Homeowners can expect to save up to 35 per cent of their energy costs by upgrading their older oil heating systems.


Nova Scotians who have bought an energy-efficient oil heating appliance during the past year, or are considering buying a new one can save money, thanks to a new agency -- Conserve Nova Scotia.

The Retire Your Furnace rebate program was announced today (October 20th) during an event to create Conserve Nova Scotia.

Premier Rodney MacDonald says the agency will help focus energy efficiency and conservation efforts in Nova Scotia.

Rebates only apply to Energy Star-rated oil fired boilers, warm air furnaces, and indirect water heaters that are energy efficient.

For more information, call 1 800-670-4636 or go to W-W-W dot retire-your-furnace dot C-A. Beginning Monday (October 23rd) applications will also be available at Access Nova Scotia centres.


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