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Public Benefits From Joint Emergency Management

With Nova Scotia moving from hurricane season to winter storm season, Municipal administrators in Nova Scotia continue to work closely with the Emergency Management Office (EMO) to discuss issues that are important to residents in their communities.

Craig MacLaughlan, chief executive officer, EMO, met on Nov. 30 with representatives of the Association of Municipal Administrators to discuss progress reports on several projects that support public safety.

"Nova Scotians have set the standard for co-operation before, during and after emergencies," said Mr. MacLaughlan. "The advisory group we have formed with municipal administrators is an excellent forum for keeping each other up to date on training programs, disaster claims, road sign mileage markers and critical infrastructure."

The advisory group was formed after serious power outages in November 2004. Its mandate is to concentrate on emergency response issues that affect municipalities across the province.

"One of the keys to effective emergency management is relationship building -- knowing the people that you will work with when a crisis hits -- and that's what I appreciate most about our ongoing collaboration with municipalities," said Mr. MacLaughlan. "Our partnership with municipalities supports our broader goal of safe communities in Nova Scotia, where residents and tourists alike can feel safe."

For more information see the Association of Municipal Administrators website at and the Emergency Management Office website at .


With the start of the winter storm season, the province says it continues to work closely with municipalities.

The head of the Emergency Management Office, Craig MacLaughlan, says he continues to meet regularly with municipal administrators.

Mr. MacLaughlan says ongoing collaboration between both levels of government means Nova Scotia is ready and prepared for potential emergencies this winter.

The province hosted a meeting last week with representatives of the Association of Municipal Administrators.


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