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Used Tire Report to Guide Strategy

An advisory committee appointed to review used tire options has returned a report that will be used to inform a new used tire strategy for the province.

"The findings of the report, together with recent environmental commitments made in the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act tell us this is a good time to develop a strategy for used tire management," said Mark Parent, Minister of Environment and Labour.

"Tire derived fuel will not be used in Nova Scotia for the foreseeable future," added Mr. Parent. "The report says that tire derived fuel is not the best option for Nova Scotia's environment, and presents a number of alternatives to consider."

The report rates various tire-processing options using economic, environmental, and health implications. It also considers whether the option is currently operational within the province or not, and energy inputs required for each.

"I'd like to thank the advisory committee members for bringing their considerable expertise to the review and for producing a comprehensive report," said Mr. Parent. "The committee's hard work will contribute to the design of an effective and environmentally responsible tire management program for the future and allow us to continue to set the pace for solid waste management in Canada."

The Resource Recovery Fund Board will be among the agencies participating in development of the used-tire management strategy.

The report is available online at .


A committee appointed to review options for managing Nova Scotia's used tires has submitted its report.

The report evaluates a number of options using economic, environmental and health impacts. It will be used to design a new strategy for the province that will not include using tires as industrial fuel.

Environment and Labour Minister Mark Parent thanked the advisory committee members, saying their hard work will help the province remain a national leader in solid waste management.