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Self-help Advice on Flood Protection

Municipalities in flood-prone regions of Nova Scotia are advising the public to be aware of potential flooding based on the latest weather forecasts.

"I encourage people to consider their own family plans and have emergency kits ready, just in case," said David Morse, acting Minister of Emergency Management. "We need to have battery-powered or hand-crank radios so we can hear local broadcasts in case the power goes out. And I encourage Nova Scotians to make sure they have an emergency 'go kit' ready in case they have to leave their homes."

Mr. Morse said he appreciates local emergency measures co-ordinators who are broadcasting public service announcements to remind residents that ice build-up, significant rainfall and wide temperature swings can lead to serious flooding.

Here are some general tips:

  • Listen to a radio for local instructions.
  • Turn off basement furnaces and shut off outside gas valves.
  • Move furniture, electrical appliances and other belongings to floors above ground level.
  • Turn off electrical power. If the main power box is not in a dry, safe location, do not attempt to turn it off. Contact Nova Scotia Power at 428-6004 (HRM) or 1-877-428-6004 (toll free).
  • Do not stand or wade in water where contact has been made with electrical equipment.
  • If drinking water is contaminated, purify by boiling, using purification tablets or chlorinate with a bleaching compound.
  • Do not use well water for drinking, cooking or bathing until the water has been tested and determined to be safe.

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Municipalities in flood-prone regions of the province are reminding residents to have emergency kits ready, in case the weather leads to flooding in low-lying areas.

Acting Emergency Management Minister David Morse says it's a good time to talk with family members about emergency plans, and to have a 'go kit' ready in case homes have to be left during a flood.

More information on preparing for a flood, visit the web at w-w-w dot gov dot n-s dot c-a slash E-M-O.


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