Nova Scotia Crime Rate Down for Third Consecutive Year

Department of Justice

July 17, 2008 9:43 AM

Crime is down in Nova Scotia for the third year in a row, a sign that the province's anti-crime agenda is working.

According to figures released by Statistics Canada today, July 17, overall crime was down eight per cent in 2007 compared with 2006.

Violent crime has gone down six per cent and property crime, was down by 12 per cent. Large decreases were noted in robberies, which were down by 25 per cent, and motor vehicle thefts which were down 23 per cent.

Nova Scotia led the country with its drop in motor vehicle theft, the lowest in the province since 1995. There were 12 per cent fewer property crimes last year. That was below the national average and the lowest rate in the province in 30 years.

Youth crime was also down by four per cent, especially in property crime and motor vehicle theft.

"These numbers are very encouraging, especially with youth crime decreasing," said Justice Minister and Attorney General Cecil Clarke.

"We've implemented all of the Nunn Commission recommendations and that, along with our crime strategy and the enactment of the Safer Communities Act, are all signs that we are continuing to make streets and communities safer for Nova Scotians," said Mr. Clarke.

The government plans to have 250 extra enforcement officers in place by 2010. It began in 2007 with the addition of 80 new police officers funded to target certain crimes across the province. This year, 70 new officers were allocated across Nova Scotia.

The Halifax Regional Municipality, which placed seventh out of 18 metropolitan areas of similar size, saw significant declines with the overall crime rate down nine per cent. Halifax saw large drops in robberies with a decrease of 29 per cent and car theft with a decrease of 27 per cent.

"We have a crime reduction strategy that is working and the additional resources from both the municipality and the province are having a positive effect," said Halifax Police Chief Frank Beazley. "It's great to see this drop is building on similar reductions in 2005 and 2006."

The Statistics Canada report is available on the website at .


     Nova Scotia's crime rate dropped in 2007 for the third year

in a row.

     Overall crime was down eight per cent, with the biggest

drops in robberies, car theft, and property crime which reached

its lowest rate in 30 years.

     The Statistics Canada figures released today (July 17th)

also show a nine per cent drop in crime in Halifax.

     Justice Minister and Attorney General Cecil Clarke says

the decrease in crime is evidence that the province's crime

strategy, Safer Communities Act, and response to the Nunn

Commission are working to make streets and communities safer for

Nova Scotians.

     Halifax Regional Police Chief Frank Beazley credits extra

resources from the municipality and the province for the



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