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Beaujolais Nouveau Wines Arrive in Nova Scotia

Three selections of Beaujolais Nouveau wines will be available at 57 Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation stores beginning Thursday, Nov. 20.

Wine lovers will be able to choose from Georges Duboeuf ($15.58), Mommessin ($14.83) and Pisse-Dru ($13.85).

The third Thursday of November is special to wine lovers throughout the world, because it is when Beaujolais Nouveau, the first French wine bottled from this year's grape harvest. The wines originate in France's Beaujolais region and act as a barometer for the quality of the vintage as a whole.

Sales of the young red wine are historically brisk in Nova Scotia and supply is limited.

A detailed news release on the Beaujolais Nouveau wines can be found by following the News Releases link on the NSLC website at .