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Amendments to Revenue Act Introduced

People involved in the illegal tobacco trade will face tougher penalties with changes introduced today, April 28.

Amendments to the Revenue Act will allow the province to suspend driver's licences and vehicle permits of those convicted of tobacco-related offences involving a vehicle.

Those who default on fines for fuel- or tobacco-related offences involving a vehicle, will not be able to renew their driver's licence or vehicle permit.

Clarifying the act's language will also allow the courts to impose stiffer fines, where appropriate.

"With the addition of these new penalties, we are sending a clear message to would-be smugglers of illegal tobacco products: you are going to pay a heavy price if you are caught," said Ramona Jennex, Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations.

Nova Scotia already has some of the strictest penalties for tobacco-related offences in Canada. The changes are similar to penalties in Ontario and Manitoba.

"Nova Scotia's tobacco-control strategy identifies tobacco taxes and prices as a key element to reduce tobacco use and make Nova Scotians healthier," said Ms. Jennex. "Measures to reduce the sale of illegal tobacco products benefit everyone."


The province will be able to suspend the driver's licence and vehicle permit of people convicted of illegal tobacco-related activities involving a vehicle with amendments to the Revenue Act introduced today (April 28th).

People who default on fuel- or tobacco-related fines involving a vehicle would not be allowed to renew their licence or permit and courts would be able to impose higher fines for illegal tobacco activities.

Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations Minister Ramona Jennex says the message to smugglers of illegal tobacco products is that they will pay a heavy price if they are caught.


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