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2009-10 Annual Report Released

The Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation (NSGC) released its 2009-10 Annual Report today, July 13, outlining how it achieved its business results, balancing its economic and social mandates.

As expected, financial results show that gaming profits declined by about four per cent in 2009-10 compared to 2008-09. A decline in profits was experienced across all business lines.

"We expected, and planned for, these declines," said president and CEO, Marie Mullally. "Last year many of the lottery products were in the mature phase of their life cycle and we also experienced less casino traffic. To offset some of these trends, we have made improvements to the casino properties and introduced new lottery games."

Highlights of the report include a $145.9 million payment to province; the development of new Responsible Gambling Retailer training programs; the roll out of My-Play System; and, other youth prevention programming initiatives.

The Gaming Corporation also continued to work closely with the charitable sector across the province and delivered $3.7 million in funding for amateur sport through its Support4Sport Program.

"The gaming industry has historical roots in supporting charities and communities, and that support has not wavered," said Ms. Mullally. "NSGC's commitment to social responsibility guides us in our planning and decision-making and that benefits all Nova Scotians."

All gaming industry profits are directed back to Nova Scotia communities to support government programs and services. Beyond the revenue gaming provides to government, the industry also accounts for almost 660 direct jobs in Nova Scotia and supports about 1,485 retail establishments, many of them small businesses in rural Nova Scotia.

This year, the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation paid more than $41 million in commissions to business owners. In 2009-10, the corporation also invested more than $7.8 million in responsible gambling, treatment and education.

The Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation's Annual Report is available at


Profits from gaming generated almost 146-million dollars to support government programs and services in 2009-2010.

The Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation today, (July 13th) released its 2009-2010 Annual Report which shows gaming profits are down about four per cent from last year.

Revenues are down between one and three per cent among casino, ticket and video lottery.

Officials say the decrease in profits was expected due to maturing products in the ticket and video lottery business lines.

The corporation also continued to work closely with the charitable sector across the province, providing three-point- seven-million dollars for amateur sport through its Support4Sport Program.

The annual report is available at W-W-W dot N-S-G-C dot C-A.


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