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Employers Invited to Recruit for Hard-to-fill Jobs at Boston Event

Nova Scotia employers are being invited to recruit for their hard-to-fill job openings at an Atlantic-led job fair in Boston.

"Canada's East Coast Job Fair is a great chance to reach out to highly skilled job-seekers that can strengthen the province's workforce," said Immigration Minister Marilyn More. "There are many talented Atlantic Canadians living in New England, and this job fair is a chance to let them know about well-paying jobs here at home."

The two-day job fair for Atlantic Canadian employers will take place Saturday, March 12, to Sunday, March 13, at the Omni Parker House Hotel, 60 School St.

Participating companies can showcase their employment opportunities to skilled job-seekers at their exhibit booths and through private discussions in on-site interview rooms. Employers can also connect with job-seekers before and after the main event with a custom online job advertising tool through

The event is expected to attract hundreds of skilled workers in key sectors including information technology, aerospace, defence, health care, life sciences, energy and finance.

Nova Scotia is the lead on the event, sponsored by the Atlantic Population Table. The group was created by federal and provincial ministers in 2008 to make immigration recruitment more affordable and effective for the region.

"Promoting the Atlantic region to key categories of highly skilled workers is an efficient way for Atlantic provinces and our federal partners to address shortages in certain sectors," said Ms. More. "Nova Scotia is proud to be leading co-ordination of this event on behalf of our partners, and we're looking forward to collaborating with provincial employers to make it a mutual success."

The New England recruitment and promotion event will also feature a Canada's East Coast Networking Reception that is expected to attract alumni and other Atlantic Canadians living in the Boston area. A labour mobility information session is planned for March 11.

For more information on attending the event, contact Michael Johnson, director of programs, at 902-424-8686. More information about the Atlantic Population Table is available at .


Nova Scotia employers with hard-to-fill positions are invited to a job-fair in Boston scheduled for March 12th and 13th.

The Atlantic-led job fair will give regional companies a chance to reach highly skilled job-seekers in sectors like information technology, aerospace, defense, healthcare, life sciences, energy and finance.

The event is part of an initiative to help the Atlantic provinces and federal partners address worker shortages in certain sectors effectively and more affordably.

Interested employers should visit w-w-w-dot-canadas-east- coast-dot-ca or phone 902-424-8686 for more information.


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