Bluenose Legacy Makes History Again in Lunenburg

Communities, Culture and Heritage

May 9, 2011 12:50 PM

The restoration of Bluenose II on the Lunenburg waterfront continues to make history and create good jobs that grow the economy. The first plank, or garboard, of the vessel's rebuilt hull was attached today, May 9, at the Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance construction site.

"Once again the Bluenose legacy is drawing the world's attention to Lunenburg," said MLA Pam Birdsall, who attended the milestone on behalf of Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage David Wilson. "Our master boat builders are combining tradition with modern innovation to secure the future for Nova Scotia's sailing ambassador."

Major construction for the restoration project began in the fall with images broadcasting on the Internet. A visitors centre has been providing guided tours of the construction site since January.

"This is a rare opportunity to get a close look at a large-scale wooden boat-building project," said Ms. Birdsall. "And it is helping the companies involved with the construction compete for future work that can create economic opportunities for Nova Scotians."

The vessel's hull has been rebuilt using Angelique timber that is more resistant to rotting, and modern laminating techniques that will prevent hogging, which is when the keel sags towards the waterline. The modern boat building methods will create a stronger hull for Bluenose II and help to reduce the need for extensive maintenance.

The province announced the $14.8-million restoration of Bluenose II in 2009. The project is receiving funding from the provincial government and the federal government's infrastructure stimulus program.

Bluenose II will return to sail in the summer of 2012. Images of the restoration project can be viewed at .


     The first plank, known as the garboard, was attached to the

rebuilt hull of Bluenose II today (May 9th) at the construction

site at the Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance on the Lunenburg


The work marks a new phase of the restoration of the

province's sailing ambassador.

Bluenose II will return to sail in the summer of 2012 after

the 14-point-8 million dollars restoration project is completed.

MLA Pam Birdsall says the construction work is combining

traditional skills with modern innovation to secure the future of

Nova Scotia's sailing ambassador.


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