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Adult Learners, Literacy Organizations, Volunteers Honoured

Adult learners, and the literacy organizations and volunteers who support them, were honoured today, Sept. 8, International Literacy Day.

The event, hosted in Dartmouth by the Department of Labour and Advanced Education, marks Nova Scotia's 21st annual celebration of International Literacy Day and the 10th anniversary year of the Nova Scotia School of Adult Learning.

"Lifelong learning not only supports individuals in the workforce, it also helps make life better for them at home and in their communities," said Marilyn More, Minister of Labour and Advanced Education. "It gives me great pleasure to honour these determined Nova Scotians."

Trena Simmonds of Cole Harbour received the Council of the Federation Literacy Award. The annual award recognizes an adult learner from Nova Scotia who demonstrates outstanding achievement in literacy and makes significant contributions to their school, workplace or community.

Ms. Simmonds, a student and mother of seven children, returned to school to earn her Adult High School Diploma after a 21-year absence. She graduated with honours and has been accepted into a business administration program.

"I have proven to my children, my classmates and, above all to myself, that with a goal, self-determination and hard work, the sky is the limit," said Ms. Simmonds. "I am so proud of myself and look forward to the limitless opportunities ahead."

Several other literacy awards, including the NSSAL Community Literacy Volunteer, Nova Scotia Family Literacy Achievement , Seniors' Literacy and Learning Partnership, and the Workplace Education Ambassador awards were presented.

"These programs would not be possible without the support of volunteers and organizations across the province," said Ms. More. "Even as we honour these individual achievements, we recognize the efforts of the volunteers and the role they play in each learner's success."

A full list of awards and recipients is available at .

Nova Scotia invests millions of dollars each year to help adults improve their literacy skills and earn high school diplomas. More than 140 programs are offered free of charge across the province in French and English. Nova Scotia also invests in partnerships with business and labour groups to support adults who participate in education programs offered at 98 workplaces across the province.


A number of adult learners in Nova Scotia and the literacy organizations and volunteers who support them were honoured today (September 8th).

Trena Simmonds of Cole Harbour is this year's recipient of the Council of the Federation Literacy Award. The award recognizes outstanding achievement in literacy and significant contributions to an adult learner's school, workplace or community.

Labour and Advanced Education Minister Marilyn More presented Ms. Simmonds with the award as part of activities to mark International Literacy Day.


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