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Plan Continues for Safety from Aggressive Coyotes

The four-part plan by the province to increase awareness and make communities safer from aggressive coyotes is continuing, including the pelt incentive program.

"We are continuing to work to make our province safer for everyone," said Charlie Parker, Minister of Natural Resources. "The four-part plan we implemented throughout the last year and a half provided expertise, incentives, education, and direct action to address the issue of aggressive coyotes, and we are acting on all four parts of the plan."

The province launched the plan in the spring of 2010 to increase safety and awareness of coyotes. The Natural Resources Department released educational materials provincewide, trained 13 trappers to target aggressive coyotes in selected areas, hired a wildlife conflict biologist, and implemented a pelt incentive program.

The department implemented the pelt incentive program to encourage more licensed trappers to harvest coyotes during the regular trapping season, and help change coyote behaviour so they avoid people. The same $20 incentive amount is being offered again this year, only during the regular trapping season which runs Oct. 15 to March 31. Results from the 2011-2012 pelt incentive program will be reviewed when the trapping season ends.

The number of incidents of coyotes showing aggressive behaviour this year has dropped significantly. During the April to September period of 2010, 10 incidents of coyotes showing aggression or too much familiarity with people led to 32 animals being trapped and removed. During the same period, this year, one incident was recorded, leading to the removal of two coyotes.

"The numbers we are seeing are a positive sign however it will take more time and study to know how effective this is in reducing aggressive incidents," said Mr. Parker. "But the increased awareness and education we brought forward helped Nova Scotians know how to stay safer and Be Coyote Smart, as the campaign advises."

The Be Coyote Smart educational materials, are available at: .


The province is continuing its four-part plan to help people be safer from aggressive coyotes.

Natural Resources Minister Charlie Parker says the plan included hiring a wildlife conflict biologist, launching a public awareness campaign called Be Coyote Smart, training 13 trappers, and paying for marketable pelts.

The Be Coyote Smart materials are on the government website.


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