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Learning Materials Support Use of Gaelic Language

New visual aids and a tutor's guide will strengthen the province's diverse culture by helping Nova Scotians speak and understand Gaelic.

The new resources were launched today, Nov. 27, at the Gaelic College, St. Ann's, Victoria County, and support Gàidhlig aig Baile or Gaelic in the Community community-based classes that have been taking place across the province since 2005.

"Celebrating and promoting Nova Scotia's diverse culture and heritage helps to build strong communities that make life better for families", said Gaelic Affairs Minister Maureen MacDonald.

"Giving Nova Scotians tools and resources to increase their knowledge of Gaelic language and culture builds pride in our heritage and keeps these traditions alive for new generations."

Instructors and students identified the need to have a series of theme-based posters and other visual aids that focus on home, family, personalities, activities and weather to strengthen the Gaelic in the Community program.

"As a Gàidhlig aig Baile instructor, I very much welcome the development of these materials. They support the efforts of Gaelic instructors and will be a great resource in assisting learners in the acquisition and use of Gaelic," said Laura Stirling of Halifax. "By acquiring and using Gaelic language, the rich oral culture and literature of Gaels and all the areas of life these encompass come alive."

Since its inception in 2006, Gaelic Affairs has supported hundreds of Nova Scotia adults in language skills and programs, and a mentorship program that links Gaelic speaking elders with learners.


The province has introduced new visual aids and a tutor's guide for the Gaelic in the Community program that teaches Nova Scotians to understand and speak Gaelic.

The new materials respond to a need identified by participants in the training program and include posters and other learning aids that focus on home, family, personalities, activities and weather.