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Gaming Corporation releases 2011-12 Community Report During Responsible Gambling Awareness Week

Today, the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation (NSGC) released its 2011-12 Community Report, reinforcing its commitment to social responsibility today, Oct. 1.

"The community report allows Nova Scotians to see the commitments we have made as part of our social responsibility charter," said NSGC's acting president and CEO, Bob MacKinnon. "We take our responsibilities very seriously, and this report shows Nova Scotians what we are doing to ensure that we live up to our commitment of providing the province with a socially responsible gaming industry."

The report outlines 29 commitments made during 2011-12 and includes the status and results of each as they relate to the five pillars established under NSGC's charter: Responsible Gambling, Integrity and Security, Citizens and Communities, Corporate Governance, and Stakeholder Relationships.

"Responsibility and the safety of Nova Scotians are things that are truly at the forefront of every decision NSGC makes," said Mr. MacKinnon, "With this report, we can ensure to Nova Scotians that we are taking the necessary steps to make the gaming industry socially responsible."

NSGC's 2011-12 Community Report is available at .


Nova Scotians can see how the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation is meeting its social responsibilities with a report released today (October 1st).

The corporation's 2011-12 Community Report provides an account of how the corporation's social responsibility charter is applied to its operations.

Gaming corporation acting president and CEO Bob MacKinnon says the report provides Nova Scotians with an update on the social responsibility commitments the gaming industry has made and shows how the industry is meeting its obligations.

The report outlines 29 commitments made during 2011-12 and includes the status and results of each as it relates to the charter's five pillars.


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