News release

Greater Transparency for Motor Vehicle Appeals

Nova Scotia drivers have a more transparent way to appeal certain licence suspensions and vehicle impoundments.

The new Motor Vehicle Appeal Board addresses a point made in the provincial ombudsman's report last year.

"We listened to what Nova Scotia drivers were saying about the fairness of appealing to the same person who issued a licence suspension," said John MacDonell, Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations. "Putting these checks and balances in place to give people a chance to have appeals heard is essential, and this new board gives Nova Scotians a process that is timely, objective and independent."

Eight respected members of Nova Scotia's legal community were appointed today, Oct. 24, to the board. Terrance Sheppard (chair), Dartmouth; Krista Daley, Halifax; Lena Diab, Halifax; Robert Kennedy, Halifax; Harvey McPhee, Sydney; Blair Mitchell, Halifax; Stephen Scott, Bedford; and Robert Stewart, Berwick were appointed.

A panel of three will hear appeals and make decisions. Guides to help Nova Scotians understand the new appeal process can be downloaded at


Nova Scotians now have a more transparent way to appeal certain driver's licence suspension and vehicle impoundments.

The province today (October 24th) appointed eight Nova Scotia lawyers the new Motor Vehicle Appeal Board.

A panel of three members will hear appeals and make decisions. For more information, visit Access N-S dot C-A.