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Projects to Help Reduce Flood Risk for Communities

Note: A list of the projects follows the release.

Residents and businesses in Colchester County will benefit from work to help minimize the risk of flood damage.

Lenore Zann, MLA for Bible-Hill Truro, on behalf of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations Minister John MacDonell, today, Sept. 4, announced $700,000 to support eight projects through the Flood Risk Infrastructure Investment Program.

"We need to work co-operatively with municipalities and communities to reduce the risk of floods with the objective to prevent damage where possible," said Ms. Zann. "That is why the province is supporting efforts to improve infrastructure, provide better information and work with municipalities on new or strengthened planning."

In April, the province announced a flood-mitigation framework to help Nova Scotia communities. It will provide $3 million annually over the next five years. Each year, $300,000 will be used for risk assessments to identify solutions, $700,000 will fund up to half the cost of community infrastructure investments to reduce floods, and $2 million will help improve safeguards such as provincial dykes and berms.

Colchester County communities are receiving funding this year because it is particularly vulnerable to flooding. Approved projects include installing permanent flow monitoring stations, raising dykes, stabilizing river banks and removing sediment from stream beds.

"After months of consultation with citizens and Colchester County, I am pleased that work has started on our regional flood plan," said Truro Mayor Bill Mills. "Thanks to the province for its commitment and follow through to help in our region's efforts to work toward long-term solutions to long-standing flooding issues in our communities. We appreciate promises made and kept that will also be of benefit to other flood-prone areas in Nova Scotia."
"The community has recognized for many years that a major cause of flooding in our area has been the buildup of material in our rivers," said Municipality of Colchester Mayor Bob Taylor. "This has been happening for over 50 years and now, through this joint effort, we are finally doing something about it. This is living proof of what can be accomplished when all orders of government get together and work together on projects."

Millbrook First Nation Chief Bob Gloade said they are pleased to have worked with the Joint Flood Advisory Committee to find solutions to the flooding issues.

"We expect that the flood water containment project, involving tributary brooks and streams that lead to McClure's Brook through Millbrook lands, will mitigate these reoccurring significant flooding events," said Chief Gloade. "I believe that our co-operation with the Town of Truro and the County of Colchester with storm water management initiatives and strategic planning will continue to yield positive results as we move forward to mitigate the risks associated with flooding within each of our communities."


Residents and businesses in Colchester County will benefit from work that will help minimize the risk of flood damage.

Truro-Bible Hill M-L-A Lenore Zann, on behalf of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations Minister John MacDonell today (September 4th) announced 700-thousand dollars to support eight projects in Colchester County.

In April, the province announced a five-year flood mitigation framework that provides three million dollars annually to help communities address flooding.


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Following is a list of approved projects:

  • North River Dyke and Weir Improvements: extend existing weir, $12,500
  • Permanent Flow Monitoring Stations, Salmon River, North River and McClure's Brook: install five permanent flow monitoring stations, $39,108 Avon Street Dyke: raise and extend dyke, $25,000 Lorne Street Dyke: raise dyke, $25,000 Bank Stabilization, Salmon River, $39,108 River Training, Salmon and North Rivers: survey, remove gravel bars and sediment, re-grade and re-align bank stabilization, $156,429 Murray Siding Flood Reduction Program, Phase 1: remove sediment and debris buildup, $26,228 Flood mitigation, McClure's Brook Tributaries and Hwy. No. 2, Phase 1: detain floodwaters in upper portion of watershed, $376,628