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Grants Awarded To Promote Mineral Exploration

NOTE: A list of 2014 grant recipients and amounts follows at the end of this release.

Ten prospector grants totalling about $90,000 and 15 advanced project grants totalling $455,000 were announced today, July 16, to help find and develop mineral deposits across the province.

Forty-three applications were received, indicating there is a lot of promise in Nova Scotia's mining sector.

"Ray Ivany challenged us to grab on to opportunities in our resource sectors and we are doing just that," said Natural Resources Minister Zach Churchill. "One gold mine just poured its first gold ingot, a second gold mine is expected to begin production next year, and today, we are announcing investments that will grow our exploration industry even more."

Applications were evaluated by a panel of three from the department's Minerals Resources Branch. Evaluations were based on the quality and merit of the work proposal, the potential that the project could lead to a new mineral discovery or significantly advance a project. Applicants also had to show they were capable of completing the proposed project.

This is the third year of the Mineral Incentive Program. In total, 82 grants worth more than $1.7 million were awarded between 2012 and 2014.

"The Mineral Incentive Program is one way the province has supported exploration in Nova Scotia. We also provide training for prospectors, marketing support to attend national and international trade shows, and we host the annual provincial Geology Matters conference," said Mr. Churchill.

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Twenty-five mining grants, totalling 545 thousand dollars, have been awarded to help grow mineral exploration in the province.

Natural Resources Minister Zach Churchill says Ray Ivany challenged the province to grab on to opportunities in our resource sectors and we are doing just that.

Between 2012 and 2014, the Mineral Incentive Program awarded 82 grants totalling one point seven million dollars.


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Recipients of the prospector grants:

  • Ralph Stea, Beaver Bank, Halifax Regional Municipality, $12,400
  • Art Crowell, Dawson Brook, Hants Co., $8,300
  • Patrick Bellefontaine, Lynn, Colchester and Cumberland Counties, $5,000
  • Elk Exploration Ltd., Gold River, Lunenburg Co., $13,035
  • Henry Schenkels, North Ogden, Guysborough Co., $15,000
  • Perry Bezanson, Moosehead, Halifax Regional Municipality, $15,000
  • Stay Gold Inc., Shiers Pond, Halifax Regional Municipality, $5,535
  • Joe Bielawski, Herbert River, Hants Co., $5,330
  • Perry MacKinnon, Meadow Lake, Guysborough Co., $4,000
  • Jesse Halle, Gold Mine Brook, Guysborough Co. and Halifax Regional Municipality, $6,000

Total: $89,600

Advanced project grant recipients:

  • Ressources Appalaches, Port Dufferin, Halifax Regional Municipality, $50,000
  • Rainbow Resources, Widow Point, Guysborough Co., $40,000
  • DDV Gold, Caduesky, Queens Co., $15,000
  • Iamgold Corp., Inverness and Victoria Counties, $50,000
  • Avalon Rare Metals Inc., East Kemptville, Yarmouth Co., $40,000
  • Acadia Drywall Supplies Ltd., Beaver Dam Lake, Inverness and Richmond Counties, $40,000
  • DDV Gold Ltd., Fifteen Mile Brook, Queens Co., $15,000
  • Cogonov Inc., Farmington, Colchester and Cumberland Counties, $35,000
  • Acadian Mining Corp., Moose River East, Halifax Regional Municipality, $15,000
  • Flex Mining and Exploration Ltd., Tangier, Halifax Regional Municipality, $30,000
  • Flex Mining and Exploration Ltd., Forest Hill, Guysborough Co., $30,000
  • Thundermin Resources Inc., Stirling, Richmond Co., $25,000
  • Hudgtec Consulting, Richmond Co., $25,000
  • Stay Gold Inc., Harrigan Cove, Halifax Regional Municipality, $25,000
  • Golden Kamala Resources Inc., Elmsvale, Halifax Regional Municipality, $20,000

Total: $455,000