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Government Approves District Health Authorities' Business Plans

Government has approved the 2014-15 business plans for Nova Scotia's nine district health authorities and the IWK.

This means the province will invest more than $1.7 billion in front-line health care as delivered by district health authorities this year.

"Everyone in the health-care system, from admitting clerks to CEOs, knows our resources are limited, and must be focused on front-line health care," said Health and Wellness Minister Leo Glavine. "The DHAs have worked hard to ensure we are spending Nova Scotians' health-care dollars wisely.

"We appreciate all they have done to ensure patients get the best care possible, no matter where they live in the province."

The district health authorities and the IWK Health Centre will receive the following in operational funding from the Department of Health and Wellness this fiscal year:

  • South Shore District Health Authority, $75.9 million
  • South West Health, $84.3 million
  • Annapolis Valley Health, $117 million
  • Colchester-East Hants District Health Authority, $73.9 million
  • Cumberland District Health Authority, $53.2 million
  • Pictou County District Health Authority, $68.1 million
  • Guysborough-Antigonish-Strait District Health Authority, $72 million
  • Cape Breton District Health Authority, $255.3 million
  • Capital Health, $752.7 million
  • IWK Health Centre, $208.2 million.

This is the last year government will approve business plans for nine district health authorities. On April 1, 2015, there will be one district health authority for the province, plus a separate board for the IWK.

To review the district health authority business plans, visit .


Government has approved the 2014-15 business plans of Nova Scotia's nine district health authorities and the I-W-K.

This year, the authorities will receive one-point-seven billion dollars from the province in operational funding.


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