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More Steps Taken to Improve Workplace Safety

Government continues to work with Nova Scotians to improve workplace safety.

After months of consultation with workers and employers, the new administrative penalties regulations took effect, Oct. 1.

Administrative penalties, or fines, are used to improve compliance with workplace safety laws, helping to keep workplaces safe and workers protected.

Hundreds of employers, workers and safety partners took part in a review of the regulations to help identify areas for improvement. The result includes a process for targeting repeat offenders. The new regulations also include a graduated system of enforcement, a greater focus on education and relationship building, and revenue from administrative penalties going towards workplace safety initiatives.

"I commend government for engaging in extensive consultation," said Jim Cormier, Atlantic director of the Retail Council of Canada. "We stressed the need for on-site inspectors to have more discretion around enforcement as well as the need to focus more efforts on education and the inspection of high-risk sites. I was pleased to see the feedback reflected in the changes."

Government is also reaching out to employers and workers to improve additional Workplace Health and Safety regulations. Proposed changes have been drafted based on input from safety partners.

Before the changes are finalized, the department wants to hear from the employers and workers who are directly affected.

"We're seeing a lot of positive changes in workplace safety," said Kelly Regan, Minister of Labour and Advanced Education. "Change is often born of need, and we know employers and workers are the best people to tell us what that need is. I'm encouraged by their level of engagement, and I'd like to invite everyone to have their say in this consultation."

Proposed changes include improved safety training in workplaces, and enhanced hearing protection.

Feedback on the draft regulations will be accepted until Dec. 19. For more details on the proposed changes and how to submit comments, visit

Occupational Health and Safety inspectors also recently conducted a province-wide blitz. Inspectors visited 66 high-risk sites where they noted an increase in compliance related to fall protection regulations.

These unscheduled safety inspections are part of the work underway to increase targeted inspections by 200 per cent, and educate employers and workers on their responsibilities under the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations.


Government is continuing its efforts to improve workplace safety. New administrative penalties regulations took effect October 1st.

Improvements include a graduated system of enforcement, a targeted system for repeat offenders, a greater focus on education, and revenue from fines going towards workplace safety initiatives.

Government is also reaching out to employers and workers to improve additional safety regulations. Areas targeted for improvement include safety training and hearing protection. Draft regulations are available for comment until December 19th.