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Working Hard to Reduce Red Tape in Nova Scotia, Op-ed

NOTE: The following is an op-ed piece from Service Nova Scotia Minister Mark Furey.

The Canadian Federation of Business Red Tape Awareness Week reminds us that excessive government regulation can create hardship for small and medium-sized businesses. I want Nova Scotians to know that reducing red tape and modernizing programs is a priority for this government.

The private sector is a key driver of job creation and economic growth, and government needs to get out of the way and let businesses do business. Recognizing this, government implemented a comprehensive tax and regulatory review. The recommendations included in that review are comprehensive and are being explored, but it is clear that reducing red tape would benefit all Nova Scotians.

We should be encouraged that the Atlantic premiers pledged this week to identify business regulations and administrative processes that can be harmonized and streamlined to create a more competitive economic environment across Atlantic Canada.

Here in Nova Scotia, we have restructured Service Nova Scotia to help our staff deliver on our key priorities -- service excellence, red tape reduction, program modernization and regulatory excellence.

The agency has a new mandate to deliver higher levels of service to Nova Scotians and be a leader in red-tape reduction and modern legislation.

This new approach will rightly put our clients -- Nova Scotians -- at the centre of everything we do.


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