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Canadian Agriculture Literacy Week Brings Agriculture to the Classroom

Students across the province will connect with local farmers to learn about Nova Scotia agriculture as part of the fourth annual Canadian Agriculture Literacy week, which runs to March 7.

Farmers and other members of the agricultural community will visit Grade 4 students to read books about farming. The goal is to help students better understand the role agriculture plays in their lives by connecting them with farmers in their community.

"Agriculture is key to growing our economy, and we need to help foster our youth's interest in the sector," said Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell. "By educating our up-and-coming generation, we can better support our farming and agriculture communities."

Mr. Colwell is visiting Humber Park School in Lake Loon today, March 3. He will read from The Adventures of Michael and Mia: Stewards of the Land, a children's book produced by Agriculture In The Classroom Canada. It is designed for nine and 10 year olds, and will be used in all classroom visits. It will be left as a gift, along with curriculum-related activities.

"The opportunity to meet with these young students and share our stories is the first step to teaching them how agriculture affects their lives every day," said Chris van den Heuvel, president of the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture.

Canadian Agriculture Literacy Week is an educational initiative of Agriculture in the Classroom Canada and the Nova Scotia Agricultural Awareness Committee, and is made possible through the support of Farm Credit Canada.

"Canadian Agriculture Literacy Week helps demonstrate the number and variety of career opportunities there are within the industry," said Brenda Stasiuk, Farm Credit Canada director, corporate social responsibility. "The future of Canadian agriculture is in the hands of these students, but it's up to us to educate them."

Last year, 85 volunteers visited 125 elementary school classrooms across Nova Scotia to read and donate books on agriculture and farming.


Students will have the chance to meet local farmers and learn about agriculture in Nova Scotia as part of Canadian Agriculture Literacy week, which runs until March 7th.

Farmers will visit Grade 4 classrooms across the province to read books about farming. The visits teach students about agriculture, and the role the industry plays in their lives by connecting them with farmers.

Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell says agriculture is a key component to the provincial economy and educating youth is the first step in supporting the industry's future.

The initiative is funded by Farm Credit Canada.


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