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Government Releases Electricity System Review

Input from more than 1,300 Nova Scotians will help shape the province's new electricity plan.

Energy Minister Michel Samson tabled the final Electricity System Review Report today, April 30, in the legislature. It is the result of a year-long consultation.

"Nova Scotians care about their energy future, and we heard that loud and clear throughout this process," said Mr. Samson. "The results of this review inform the electricity plan now underway. It lays the groundwork for what we all want, a long-term, sustainable and cost-effective path forward, one that benefits ratepayers today while protecting our environment for future generations."

The plan will also explore ways to innovate, with a focus on energy management and getting more out of the system through technology and other solutions, like storage. It will outline how government will support strategic economic development and innovation in key growth areas, including tidal.

As part of the review, experts, interested groups and the public considered emerging technologies, trends in market supply and demand, and how the system is administered and structured.

"I want to thank everyone who participated in this process," said Mr Samson. "Your feedback and input are critical components of establishing our path ahead, and we look forward to sharing our plan with Nova Scotians in the fall."

Key findings in the electricity system review indicate Nova Scotians support:

  • long-term rate stabilization and predictable electricity rates
  • increased consumer control and ability to manage electricity costs
  • stronger performance standards for Nova Scotia Power Inc.
  • more accountability and transparency in setting electricity rates
  • a focus on the environment and support for renewable energy resources and innovation when it makes financial sense, and with less impact to ratepayers

The report is available at .


Input from more than 13-hundred Nova Scotians will help shape the province's new electricity plan.

The department released the final Electricity System Review Report today (April 30th), after a year-long consultation.

Energy Minister Michel Samson says the review lays the groundwork for developing a long-term, sustainable plan that benefits ratepayers and protects the environment for future generations.

The Electricity System Review report is available online at W-W-W dot Nova Scotia dot c-a slash energy.