Premier Encourages Nova Scotians to Attend Remembrance Day Events

Premier's Office

November 10, 2015 10:35 AM

Like thousands of other Nova Scotians Premier Stephen McNeil will take time to participate in Remembrance Day events, Wednesday, Nov. 11.

"Because of the efforts of present and former members of Canada’s Armed Forces the majority of Nova Scotians have been able to live lives untouched by the horrors of war," said Premier McNeil. "It's important that we continue to show our appreciation of the past and ongoing sacrifices that veterans have made to keep us free and safe."

Every year on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, Nova Scotians and other Canadians gather in community halls, memorial parks, at cenotaphs and in schools to observe a moment of silence and mark the sacrifice of so many.

"It pleases me to see that the level of participation in Remembrance Day events remains high among Nova Scotians," said Premier McNeil. "The military has played a vital role in the province’s history and we are better for it."

Remembrance Day involves veterans of all wars and peace support operations, the Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP and municipal police forces as well as youth and the general public.

Nova Scotians interested in attending local Remembrance Day events can check with their local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion or local municipality for details of events in their area.


     Premier Stephen McNeil will join thousands of Nova Scotians

who will participate in Remembrance Day events this Wednesday,

November 11th.

     Premier McNeil says it's important that Nova Scotians

continue to show their appreciation of the sacrifices that

veterans have made, and are making, to keep us free and safe.

Nova Scotians can check with the local branch of the Royal

Canadian Legion or local municipality for details of Remembrance

Day events in their area.


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