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Government Eliminating Video Retail License

Stores who rent or sell movies and video games will no longer require a licence for this activity.

"Most Nova Scotians buy or rent their movies and games from online services like iTunes and OnDemand," said Mark Furey, Minister of Service Nova Scotia. "The elimination of this licence is in direct response to a change in consumer behaviour."

Currently, the Theatres and Amusements Act requires stores and vendors who sell or rent movies and games to the public to have a licence. Effective today, Dec. 14, this licence will no longer be required.

Stores will still be required to ensure movies or games they sell or rent are properly classified and that classifications are clearly marked in a way that consumers can see and understand them.

"This licence costs retailers $199 every three years," said Mr. Furey. "Eliminating this outdated requirement will save these businesses money and cut unnecessary red tape."

Service Nova Scotia issued 672 of these licences in 2015-2016 compared to 919 in 2006.

This change is part of Service Nova Scotia's ongoing transformation to be more modern, efficient and client focused.


Government made changes to the Theatres and Amusements Act today (December 14th) that will benefit retailers who sell or rent movies and video games.

The license previously required for this activity has been eliminated. The licence costs 199 dollars every three years. Getting rid of it will cut red tape for businesses and save them money.


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