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Government Commits to More Access to Information

Government continues to improve access to information for Nova Scotians through the launch of a website for submitting requests and reviewing freedom of information.

"Government is committed to being open and transparent," said Internal Services Minister Labi Kousoulis. "This site will help make it easier to request and review information about government."

By visiting,, Nova Scotians will be able to submit a request, monitor the progress of the application, receive responses and pay fees online. They will still have the option of paper requests that will continue to be processed.

Nova Scotia is the third province to post Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act requests online.

This new option for Nova Scotians builds on past successes that improved the response time to freedom of information requests from 78 per cent completed within 30 days in 2014 to 84 per cent in 2016.

Government has also increased its efforts to improve transparency by:

  • launching an open data site
  • posting ministerial expenses
  • posting information on forest harvest sites
  • posting information on how many people are waiting for long-term care beds
  • posting new information on the Department of Business accountability website.

Under the new disclosure site, completed Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act requests must meet criteria to be eligible for posting. For example:

  • personal or confidential business information will not be eligible to be released online
  • applicants will receive the response first and seven days later, the response will be posted publicly
  • the type of information posted online will depend on criteria set by Information Access and Privacy Services,


The provincial government announced today (January 6th) it is improving access to information.

It is launching a website for submitting Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy requests and reviewing some completed requests.

Nova Scotians can now keep track of their requests online and view other information being released publicly. Personal or confidential business information does not meet the new criteria.


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