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Nova Scotia Lawyers Receive Prestigious Designation

Fourteen lawyers received the honourary title of Queen's Counsel (Q.C.) for 2017. Justice Minister Diana Whalen announced this year's appointments today, Feb. 23.

The Q.C. designation is awarded each year to members of the legal profession to recognize exceptional merit and outstanding contribution to the legal community.

The appointees are:

  • Randall P.H. Balcome, Kentville
  • Sheree Lynn Conlon, Halifax
  • Peter James Craig, Halifax
  • Kathryn M. Dumke, Bridgewater
  • David Gerald Henley, Dartmouth
  • Megan Longley, Halifax
  • Loretta Marie Manning, Halifax
  • Pamela Marche, Sydney
  • Bernard Miller, Halifax
  • Richard W.P. Murphy, Yarmouth
  • Jane O’Neill, Halifax
  • Kathryn A. Raymond, Dartmouth
  • Kelly J. Serbu, Dartmouth
  • Candace L. Thomas, Dartmouth

"This designation recognizes the great contributions made by some outstanding Nova Scotia lawyers and their personal and professional commitment to our province," said Ms. Whalen. "We educate and are served by some of the best lawyers in the country. Nova Scotia is proud of them."

An independent advisory committee makes Queen's Counsel recommendations to cabinet. In addition to merit and legal contributions, recipients must have demonstrated professional integrity and good character and have served a minimum of 15 years as a member of the bar of Nova Scotia.


Justice Minister Diana Whalen announced Queen's Counsel appointments today (February 23rd).

Ms. Whalen says the 14 appointees are outstanding lawyers who have made great personal and professional commitments to the province.

Recipients have demonstrated professional integrity and good character and have provided exceptional service to the legal community to be presented with this designation.

They have also served at least 15 years in the profession.


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