Auditor General Audit Welcome, Statement by Minister

Health and Wellness

September 19, 2017 4:15 PM

NOTE: The following is a statement from Health and Wellness Minister Randy Delorey.

I welcome today’s announcement from Auditor General Michael Pickup, and fully support his intention to conduct financial and performance audits of the IWK’s books and practices.

I am concerned with the apparent lack of financial management controls, specifically around expenditures.

The IWK Board of Governors requested the auditor general conduct a performance audit and advise on this matter. This is the appropriate step to take, and I thank the board for their diligence in addressing these serious concerns over the last several months.

Today, I was at the IWK and met with some front-line employees. Their dedication to their work, and the children and families they serve is evident, and should reassure all Maritimers that this is a committed, professional and capable health-care team.


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