Weekly Traffic Advisories

Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal

March 29, 2018 11:57 AM



CUMBERLAND COUNTY: Nappan Marsh (Rainbow) Bridge, Trunk 2

Nappan Marsh (Rainbow) Bridge over the Nappan River on Trunk 2, outside Amherst, is closed until further notice.

A detour is available on Route 302, Southampton Road and Smith Road. Traffic approaching Amherst is being rerouted a short distance on the Nappan and Lower Porter Roads, while traffic leaving Amherst is required to detour on Smith Road.


HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Until the end of May, road work at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport will result in detours for traffic leaving the airport to Highway 102 Halifax bound. Expect delays.


RICHMOND COUNTY: Lennox Passage Bridge, Isle Madame

The speed limit on the Lennox Passage Bridge on Isle Madame is reduced to 20 kilometres per hour while repairs are being carried out to the bridge's joints.

The bridge is safe and the public will be advised if further restrictions are required.


RICHMOND COUNTY: Port Royal Bridge

Port Royal Bridge on Port Royal Road on Isle Madame, is closed until further notice. Traffic can detour on MacEachern Road.


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