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Nova Scotia Heads to United Kingdom to Recruit Psychiatrists

Nova Scotia representatives will be in the United Kingdom (U.K.) next week to continue promoting Nova Scotia and attracting more doctors to the province. Seven new doctors have already been approved through the new Physician Immigration Stream.

Staff from the Office of Immigration and Nova Scotia Health Authority will attend the Royal College of Psychiatrists International Congress in Birmingham, U.K. June 24 to 27. The event focuses on psychiatrist recruitment. Two practicing psychiatrists from Nova Scotia will also attend to provide information to doctors who are interested in living and practicing in Nova Scotia.

The seven doctors processed through the new immigration stream are on a path to permanent residency. They include five family doctors and two specialists who will work in Cape Breton, Antigonish, Chester and Halifax.

Seven doctors interested in moving to Nova Scotia visited the province in May and June and nine more doctors are planning to visit between July and September.

“Our recent trips to the U.K. have made for a busy spring and many site visits. We are looking forward to attending this event again this year as psychiatry is one of our specialties with the highest needs,” said Dr. Lynne Harrigan, vice president of Medicine and Integrated Health Services. “We hope that our second year at this conference will help expand our reach and ability to recruit.

“We are excited to bring two Nova Scotia psychiatrists who can speak to potential recruits. We know that from other international events, it is our advantage to have immigration at the table to answer immediate questions for potential recruits.”

The new Physician Immigration Stream was launched in February. It helps attract more international doctors and specialists to the province by making the immigration process easier and faster for those who have already received job offers from Nova Scotia Health Authority or the IWK Health Centre.


A team from the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration and Nova Scotia Health Authority is headed to the United Kingdom to continue to promote Nova Scotia and recruit more doctors to the province. The meetings will be with psychiatrists.

This builds on the successful launch of the new physician immigration stream in February.

Seven doctors have been approved through the stream and are on a path to permanent residency.

They will work in Halifax, Cape Breton, Chester and Antigonish.


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