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Energy Savings Programs for Affordable Rentals, First Nations Homes Expanded

More Nova Scotians living in affordable rental units or First Nations homes will benefit from efficiency upgrades that can save families hundreds of dollars on their energy bills every year.

Energy and Mines Minister Derek Mombourquette announced two programs, delivered by Efficiency Nova Scotia, that will expand as part of $14.2 million in funding for efficiency programs over the coming year.

The budget for the affordable rental program will increase from $1 million to $2 million per year, while the budget for the First Nations program will increase from $750,000 to $1 million per year.

“Expanding these programs will help more Nova Scotians benefit from lower monthly energy bills,” said Mr. Mombourquette. “Our province is a leader in fighting climate change in part because of the ongoing work to reduce emissions and make our homes more energy efficient. Over the next year, these programs will continue to build on our successes as we move toward Nova Scotia’s cleaner energy future.”

HomeWarming continues to provide home energy assessments and upgrades to low-income homes throughout Nova Scotia. To date, the program has helped thousands of homeowners reduce their energy bills by an average of more than $900 per year.

“We are proud to have worked with thousands of homeowners and businesses across the province, we work with local industry partners to ensure all Nova Scotians can access our programs and services,” said EfficiencyOne CEO Stephen MacDonald. “This increased funding will continue to allow us to remove participation barriers, reach underserved markets, and inspire even more Nova Scotians to take part in programs that will help them reduce their energy use, save their hard-earned money, and live more comfortably.”

Eligible landlords that rent units at or below market rates can receive up to 80 per cent of the cost of energy efficiency upgrades, as long as rental increases are capped.

The affordable rental program was designed in partnership with the Affordable Energy Coalition.

“More than half of Nova Scotia’s low-income households are renters and high energy bills can sometimes force tenants to choose between eating and heating,” says Affordable Energy Coalition chair Brian Gifford. “This program is designed to save tenants money and keep their rents affordable, while reducing emissions. It’s a smart investment on both counts.”

Under the First Nations program, eligible homes receive energy efficiency upgrades at no charge and community members receive training to start businesses and create new jobs.

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More Nova Scotians will have the opportunity to save money on their energy bills by using less energy.

The province is expanding energy efficiency programs for affordable rental units and First Nations homes.

Energy and Mines Minister Derek Mombourquette says our province is a leader in fighting climate change and these programs will build on our successes.

On average, people who use provincial energy efficiency programs save more than nine-hundred-dollars on their energy bills every year.


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