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Additions To Provincial Open Data Portal

More new datasets are available today, May 14, on the provincial government’s open data portal.

Nova Scotians will have access via the portal to information on several additional topics, including tourist exit surveys, as well as Geographic Information Systems maps showing provincially owned roundabouts, road weight designations and highway projects.

The information is posted in easy-to-work-with formats at .

It is being released so that people may use it to create new opportunities and gain insights.

The new datasets being released include:

  • combined data on hunting and fishing licence sellers in Nova Scotia
  • additional tourism exit survey information showing visitation by region, purpose of visits and origins of visitors
  • summary data from caller logs at the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal’s Operations Contact Centre
  • Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, maps showing highway improvement projects for bridges and roadways, locations and start dates of roundabouts and a digital file that allows software to transform geographic datasets so people can see the data as a map

These new datasets will bring the total number available on the portal to more than 560. Since its launch in February 2016, the open data portal has received more than 954,000 page views and 63 thousand downloads.


The province has added more datasets to the open data portal.

Nova Scotians can access information about hunting and fishing licence sellers.

They can also learn details about tourism visitation, provincial roundabouts, highway projects and Geographic Information Systems or GIS maps.

The data is posted at DATA-dot-NOVASCOTIA- dot-C-A.