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Investments Help More Nova Scotians Access Affordable Housing

Every Nova Scotian deserves a safe, suitable and affordable place to call home. That’s why government is investing $88 million over three years to ensure nearly 3,000 Nova Scotian households in need have access to more affordable housing options.

The province’s three-year action plan is the first under the new federal-provincial housing agreement. In addition to this cost-match funding, the province will invest approximately $70 million to support provincial priorities, supporting 2,500 more households.

“Housing needs are changing and there is an increased demand on the affordable housing sector,” said Chuck Porter, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. “Having a roof over your head and somewhere to call home make the details outlined in our action plan meaningful. The plan reflects our long-term focus to preserve and transform existing social and public housing and stabilize our community housing sector, helping to support those who need it most.”

The plan balances new and continued programming like rent supplements, the Affordable Housing program, the Home Repair/Adaptation programs with new programming such as construction of new Urban Native housing units, creation of new and targeted rent supplements and new supports for the community housing sector.

The 2019-22 Nova Scotia Action Plan for Affordable Housing will continue to deliver programs that support our most vulnerable populations including seniors, women and children fleeing domestic violence, those at risk of homelessness, Indigenous populations and persons living with disabilities.


We are delighted to see the government’s strong commitment to support the community housing sector to help address the housing needs of Nova Scotians. Non-profit housing organizations play a key role in addressing housing challenges in the province and we look forward to working together with government to deliver more affordable housing. Fred Deveaux, executive director, Cape Breton Community Housing Association

We welcome Nova Scotia’s support to housing cooperatives in its first three-year action plan, which is a recognition of the critical role our members play in providing affordable homes to many Nova Scotians. Housing co-ops have over 1,749 households in Nova Scotia. Our sector is embracing growth to meet the changing needs of members and to provide new members with an affordable place to call home. Tim Ross, executive director, Cooperative Housing Federation Canada

There is growing demand for affordable Indigenous housing and investment under this action plan will help protect our existing stock. We welcome the funding and commitment outlined in the action plan as a good first step. The Indigenous housing sector is facing a major crisis and we look forward to working with Housing Nova Scotia to identify opportunities to ensure the viability and long-term sustainability of Indigenous housing. Brian Dezagiacomo, executive director, Tawaak Housing

Quick Facts:

  • the three-year action plan is the first of three required under the ten-year Canada-Nova Scotia Housing Agreement
  • nearly 3,000 Nova Scotian households in need will have access to more affordable housing options
  • the province is planning to invest approximately $70 million to support provincial priorities and 2,500 more households
  • of the provincial cost-match funding of $44 million, $17.6 million represents new funding and $26.4 million is existing funding to support the continuation of current programs
  • trends impacting housing needs are population growth, low vacancy rates, increasing rental rates and access to affordable rental options outside of HRM.
  • the first three years of the action plan will support:
  • 2,100 existing social housing units preserved; 450 public housing units repaired; 300 community housing units repaired or re-developed
  • 1,300 low-income homeowners benefit from repair and adaption programs
  • 200 affordable rental housing units made available through rehabilitation or new construction
  • 40 new affordable rental units in community housing sector
  • 65 new rental units made available through a new transformation fund
  • 200 expiring rent supplement continue; 230 new rent supplements created
  • 71 Urban Native Units repaired in the first three years and four new units constructed

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