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Construction Starts for New Primary Health-Care Centre in Middleton

Construction has started on a new, larger health-care centre in Middleton that will better meet the needs of the area and the health-care professionals who work there.

The new health centre is replacing the aging medical clinic next to Soldiers Memorial Hospital. It will be about six times the size and have more space for training medical residents and recruiting more health-care providers.

“This will not only benefit patients, it will also create a better working environment for our health-care providers and allow us to train more medical residents in our community,” said Premier Stephen McNeil. “This will give doctors in training and other health professionals the opportunity to see first-hand what it is like to live and work in this beautiful part of the province.”

The new building will have a larger registration and waiting area, more exam rooms and meeting rooms, new space for health professionals visiting the centre and more space for training medical residents.

Lindsay Construction Limited has been awarded the construction contract. Construction is expected to be take about a year.


Our collaborative family practice is pleased to see work begin for a new clinic for our team. Having a new, modern facility to practice from will support our team to continue to provide quality primary care for our patients and attract more providers to work with us, which will improve access to care for the community. Dr. Leslie Ribeiro, Middleton Family Practice

The Soldiers Memorial Hospital Foundation is pleased to see this project moving forward. Our foundation is committed to providing financial support to the construction of the new primary health-care centre, as it will help increase access to primary care within our community. Jim Mosher, chair of the Soldiers Memorial Hospital Foundation

Quick Facts:

  • the current medical clinic is almost 40 years old, built in 1982
  • the new primary health-care centre will be 12,600 square feet, about six times the size of the existing clinic
  • there will be about 26 exam rooms, consultation and conference rooms, waiting room and administration
  • there will be more space to train medical residents which will help with recruitment
  • the project will cost about $12 million of which the Soldiers Memorial Hospital Foundation has committed $1 million


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