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Improved Safety for Nova Scotians Living with a Brain Injury

Nova Scotians living with brain injuries deserve to feel safe and independent. That is why government is expanding the personal alert assistance program to support more people in their homes.

Government is investing $54,720 over the next three years to help low-income Nova Scotians, 19 years or older, who are diagnosed with an acquired brain injury, to access personal alert devices. These devices connect the user to 911 with the push of a button in an emergency situation.

“Today’s announcement is about supporting people with acquired brain injuries to live full and independent lives,” said Health and Wellness Minister Randy Delorey. “This is a step to ensure more Nova Scotians feel comfortable and safe at home.”

Those who qualify for the assistance program will receive $480 a year to cover the cost of the personal alert device. More information about this program is available by calling Continuing Care at 1-800-225-7225.


We are very pleased to be in the house today to welcome this announcement on improving access to personal alert devices for acquired brain injury survivors – brain injury the leading disabler of people under 40 in Nova Scotia and this investment will help the most vulnerable in our community – low income brain injury survivors living on their own. Leona Burkey, executive director, Brain Injury NS

Quick Facts:

  • eligibility criteria includes having a diagnosed acquired brain injury, making $22,125 a year or less, living alone, having a history of falls in the last 90 days and be receiving home support or nursing
  • this expansion will support 38 more Nova Scotians each year
  • an acquired brain injury is temporary or permanent brain damage or dysfunction caused by trauma from an external force, or by a medical issue or disease
  • this investment is part of overall funding of $5 million announced last year to support Nova Scotians living with acquired brain injuries through programming and education, including the opening of the new Peter’s Place/Brain Injury NS brain injury recovery centre and community hub in May
  • funding for this initiative comes from the Canada-Nova Scotia Home and Community Care and Mental Health and Addiction Services Funding Agreement

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