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Environment Focus of Fall Sitting

Government continues to protect the environment and grow the economy.

The fall 2019 sitting of the 63rd general assembly wrapped up today, Oct. 30.

“We began the sitting by introducing a ban on single-use plastic bags at retail checkouts and calling for an emergency debate on climate change. We ended by bringing in the boldest greenhouse gas emission reduction target in the country and some of the strongest environmental legislation in North America,” said Premier Stephen McNeil. “Nova Scotians are already leaders in fighting climate change and we look forward to working with everyone to continue to build a clean, green economy that benefits our entire province.”

Under the government’s new Sustainable Development Goals Act, Nova Scotia’s greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 53 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030 and ensure a new climate change strategy is in place by the end of 2020 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, expand the province’s economy and create jobs.

During the sitting, 18 government bills were passed, including legislation to support tidal power developers in adding clean energy to the grid, ensure all volunteer firefighters have access to Workers’ Compensation Board injury insurance coverage and help small businesses save time and money.

Quick facts:

The following government bills were passed this sitting:

  • Bill No. 152, Plastic Bags Reduction Act
  • Bill No. 160, Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act (amended)
  • Bill No. 163, the Wilderness Areas Protection Act (amended)
  • Bill No. 166, the Denturists Act (amended)
  • Bill No. 169, Expropriation Act (amended)
  • Bill No. 170, Public Highways Act (amended)
  • Bill No. 175, Marine Renewable-energy Act (amended)
  • Bill No. 177, Public Utilities Act (amended)
  • Bill No. 180, Fatality Investigations Act (amended)
  • Bill No. 187, House of Assembly Act (amended)
  • Bill No. 189, House of Assembly Act (amended)
  • Bill No. 192, Municipal Elections Act (amended)
  • Bill No. 193, Massage Therapist Titles Protection Act
  • Bill No. 197, Companies Act (amended), Co-operative Associations Act (amended) and Corporations Registration Act (amended)
  • Bill No. 201, Municipal Government Act (amended)
  • Bill No. 203, Crown Attorneys' Labour Relations Act
  • Bill No. 204, Workers’ Compensation Act (amended)
  • Bill No. 213, Sustainable Development Goals Act


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