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Weekly Traffic Advisories


CUMBERLAND COUNTY: Nappan Marsh (Rainbow) Bridge Trunk 2

Nappan Marsh (Rainbow) Bridge over the Nappan River on Trunk 2, outside Amherst, is closed until further notice.

A detour is available on Route 302, Southampton Road and Smith Road. Traffic approaching Amherst is being rerouted a short distance on the Nappan and Lower Porter Roads, while traffic leaving Amherst is required to detour on Smith Road.

HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Dillmans Bridge, Meaghers Grant

Dillmans Bridge, on Wyse Road in Meaghers Grant, will be closed until further notice.

A detour is available via Old Guysborough Road. Signs are in place.


There will be work on the Lantz Connector between Highway 102 and Trunk 2 (Shaw Drive) and the Nine Mile Bridge on Highway 102 north of Exit 8.

The scope of the project includes building a detour bridge for the replacement of the Nine Mile Bridge, building up the highway for an additional exit with four ramps, roundabouts, Highway 102 widening for one kilometre of both north and southbound lanes and the connector road from Highway 102 to Trunk 2.

Temporary speed zone changes over the Nine Mile Bridge detour will be 80 kilometres an hour. Speed limit decrease will be in effect 24 hours a day until completion of the project. Hours of operation will be from sunrise to sunset and there will be no overnight work.

End date for Nine Mile Bridge northbound work will be Oct. 31, 2020. End date for Nine Mile Bridge southbound work will be July 31, 2021.

HANTS COUNTY: Hydes Bridge

Hydes Bridge in Lantz, on Highway 277, will be closed until further notice.

A detour is in place via Dutch Settlement Road, Elmsdale Road and Trunk 2. Signs are in place.

INVERNESS COUNTY: Cranton Bridge, Margaree Centre

Cranton Bridge, Margaree Centre, is closed until further notice due to safety concerns.

A detour is in place via East Big Intervale Road, Crowdis Cross Road and West Big Intervale Road.

LUNENBURG COUNTY: East River Bridge, Trunk 3

East River Bridge, Trunk 3, East River, about 150 metres west of Route 329, has alternating lane closures for bridge work until Sunday, Dec. 22.

Work takes place from sunrise to sunset.

RICHMOND COUNTY: Port Royal Bridge

Port Royal Bridge, Port Royal Road on Isle Madame, is closed until further notice. A detour is in place on MacEachern Road.

YARMOUTH COUNTY: Hurlburt Falls Bridge, Tusket Falls

Hurlburt Falls Bridge, Tusket Falls, on Lake Vaughan Road is closed until further notice.

Detour is in place.

YARMOUTH COUNTY: Trunk 3, Arcadia

Trunk 3, Arcadia, from Peth Road westerly for about 250 metres will be closed for ditching, gravelling, repaving and shoulder work until Monday, Dec. 30.

Detour in place. Work takes place from sunrise to sunset.


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