News release

Environmental Assessment Report Required for Northern Pulp Effluent Treatment Plant

Northern Pulp in Pictou County will need to file an environmental assessment report for its proposed effluent treatment plant.

“While there has been some good work done here, I have concluded I need more science-based information before me to properly assess the potential risks to air, water, fish and human health,” said Environment Minister Gordon Wilson. “An environmental assessment report will have to address these issues, and others, to be successful.”

By Jan. 10, the department will post draft terms of reference online. The public and government reviewers will have 30 days to comment.

Quick Facts:

  • Northern Pulp registered its effluent treatment plant project for environmental assessment on Feb. 7
  • the previous environment minister required a focus report on March 29
  • the focus report was submitted Oct. 2
  • 3,254 public comments were filed

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