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Bridge Opens in Nappan with New Name

Residents from Nappan, Cumberland Co., were the first in Nova Scotia to drive over a new bridge that bears the name of Roger Bacon, former premier of the province.

The bridge is now open after two years of construction. It spans the Nappan River and is a direct link between the towns of Amherst and Springhill.

“We are pleased to rename the bridge after the former premier Roger Bacon who is well know for his contributions to the community and all of Nova Scotia,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Lloyd Hines. “This bridge is an important transportation link for area residents and surrounding communities, connecting families, visitors and businesses for years to come.”

Born in Upper Nappan, Mr. Bacon served a premier of Nova Scotia from 1990 to 1991. He represented Cumberland County as MLA for 23 years. Throughout his career, he was a provincial minister for several departments, including 10 years as minister of agriculture. He was also a municipal councillor for many years.

An event to officially celebrate the renaming of the bridge will be held in the spring.


The municipality is excited to see the completion of the bridge over the Nappan River as our residents rely on this route on a daily basis. We are also pleased that the province has bestowed the honour of naming the bridge after a gentleman who has helped shape the history of our municipality and our province. It seems very fitting to mark a lifetime of service with this well-deserved recognition for Mr. Bacon. Allison Gillis, warden of the Municipality of the County of Cumberland

The Bacon family is extremely pleased that the new bridge over the Nappan River will be named after our family patriarch, Roger Bacon. Douglas Bacon, son of Roger Bacon

I never wanted this. I never asked for any recognition, but it feels very nice. I am deeply honoured. Thank you all. I hope people will be careful driving over me. Roger Bacon, former premier of Nova Scotia

Quick Facts:

  • the old Nappan bridge was built in the late 1930s and was closed in December 2017 due to structural issues
  • the new bridge is lightweight in comparison to steel or concrete with a design life of 75 years
  • it is a glue laminated timber bridge that consists of multiple individual layers of lumber adhesively bonded together
  • total cost of the bridge replacement is $3 million
  • the community requested to name the new bridge the Roger Bacon Bridge
  • traffic will be reduced to one lane intermittently over the next couple of weeks to complete some final details on the bridge


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