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Accessibility Improvements at Two Courthouses

Renovations to the Digby Justice Centre and the Amherst Supreme Court will improve accessibility for those attending courts.

Outside ramps will be installed at both buildings. Renovations to the Amherst Supreme Court also include the installation of an elevator. This work is part of the province’s plan to update its court infrastructure and a specific action identified in the province’s accessibility strategy, Access by Design 2030.

Work began at the Digby Justice Centre in November. Work at the Amherst Supreme Court, which also houses office space for government’s Restorative Justice Division, began in early December. Renovations at both buildings are expected to be completed by late winter.

“It is important that Nova Scotians who work in and use our courts be able to access them and that the courts are adequately equipped to deliver important services,” said Attorney General and Minister of Justice Mark Furey. “This work helps advance our goal to become an accessible province by 2030 and supports efforts to modernize our courthouses.”


The municipality is pleased with the province’s actions to improve accessibility at the Supreme Court building in Amherst. It’s important that those who use and work in this building have a barrier free facility. Municipality of Cumberland Warden Allison Gillis

Quick Facts:

  • the province maintains 77 courtrooms in 24 buildings
  • 11 court buildings are owned by the province, 13 are leased
  • the estimated project cost for the Digby Justice Centre is $ 1,017,000
  • the estimated project cost for the Amherst Supreme Court is $931,000
  • funding for court infrastructure was identified in the 2019-2020 Capital Plan

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For more information on the province’s work to improve accessibility, including the provincial strategy Access by Design 2030 visit


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