News release

Statement on Affidavit

NOTE: The following is a statement from Bernie Miller, deputy minister of Business and Office of Strategy Management

I appreciate there may be further proceedings and as such, will not comment outside the formal process.

I have sworn an affidavit on the matter and from it highlight the following:

  • I had no involvement in the preparation of Alex Cameron’s brief. At no time did I see or approve its contents
  • I was contacted by Mr. Cameron on the evening of Friday, Nov. 11, which was a holiday, at home. By that point his arguments had been developed and the brief had been filed in June, well in advance of the hearing on Nov. 14
  • I was asked to confirm instructions on Monday, Nov. 14, before he went into court and I provided him with instructions in writing which, I feel, he did not follow, as established in the attached affidavit

As there may be further proceedings in the matter I will make no further comment outside of the formal process.

A copy of the affidavit can be found here: