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Province Seeks Input into Parenting and Support Act

Government is inviting Nova Scotians to share their views on proposed changes to the province’s parenting and support laws.

People can share their opinions starting today, Feb. 24, through an online survey .

Proposed changes to the Parenting and Support Act aim to more closely align provincial laws with upcoming changes to federal legislation, including updating current language and considerations for parenting arrangements.

“We want to ensure families are able to easily navigate family legal matters and not be burdened with the added stress and potential confusion of dealing with inconsistent laws,” said Attorney General and Minister of Justice Mark Furey.

The Parenting and Support Act is the provincial law which deals with child and family matters in cases where parents are separating. When parents’ divorce, their parenting and support issues are covered under the federal Divorce Act.

Having provincial and federal laws that are similar will make it easier for people to understand those laws especially for those who represent themselves for court matters. It would also mean that children and families are treated similarly, no matter their parent’s relationship or family situation.

The online consultation will remain open until March 4.

Quick Facts:

  • about 90 per cent of family law cases in Nova Scotia involve self-represented parties at some point
  • the Divorce Act has not changed since 1985. Major changes to the Divorce Act will come into effect on July 1
  • the Parenting and Support Act was last amended in 2017 after consultation with family law experts, community groups and justice stakeholders. These changes were made prior to amendments to the federal Divorce Act

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