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Amendments to Housing Nova Scotia Act

Changes to the Housing Nova Scotia Act will give the province formal authority to provide financial housing support directly to families and individuals so they can choose where they want to live.

Amendments introduced today, Feb. 26, will enable the Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing to deliver a direct, portable housing benefit for Nova Scotians as part of the 10-year National Housing Strategy.

"Every Nova Scotian deserves a safe and affordable home," said Chuck Porter, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. “This expands our service delivery options and will allow us to provide financial benefits directly to clients, in addition to benefits that are designated for a residence.”

The province is working with the federal government to finalize details of the Canada Housing Benefit, which is one example of a direct benefit.

Quick Facts:

  • the province signed a 10-year National Housing Strategy Agreement in August 2019 with the federal government
  • this legislative change enables the option of a direct-to-household benefit, rather than having benefits attached to a specific residence

Additional Resources:

Nova Scotia's Housing Nova Scotia Act can be found here:

Housing Nova Scotia 2019-2022 Action Plan


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