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Two Greenhouses Growing With New Funding

Two leading Nova Scotia greenhouse businesses are expanding to meet an increased demand for local produce and plants.

Minister of Agriculture Keith Colwell and Marie-Claude Bibeau, federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food announced today, March 4, a $600,000 investment to be evenly split between den Haan’s Greenhouses Ltd., in Lawrencetown, Annapolis Co., and Forest Glen Greenhouses Ltd. of Brookfield, Colchester Co.

“In partnership with the federal government, we are helping these two greenhouse businesses expand through our Agriculture Business Advancer Program which helps the rural economy and can benefit food security in our province,” said Mr. Colwell. “We welcome further applicants to the advancer program.”

The funding will help den Haan Greenhouses install LED lighting to allow year-round vegetable growing and add to the province’s food security by producing local, fresh produce in winter.

Forest Glen Greenhouses, a local producer of spring, fall and Christmas plants, will build an additional 35,000 square foot gutter-connected greenhouse.

“Investments that provide farmers with opportunities to grow and innovate is what the Canadian Agricultural Partnership is all about,” said Ms. Bibeau. “Our government is proud to work with our provincial partners in Nova Scotia to help agriculture businesses improve their operations to continue to supply high-quality products to Canadians for years to come.”

The Agriculture Business Advancer Program is funded through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership and helps agricultural businesses acquire new technologies, processes or specialized equipment to help them expand.


This funding means we can now increase our production even through the winter months. Our business is growing, in more ways than one, thanks to this important investment from the two levels of government. I think it’s good for us, our suppliers, our customers and for the economy generally. Everybody wins. Luke den Haan, owner, den Haan Greenhouses

Quick Facts:

  • the Agriculture Business Advancer Program is supported through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a five-year, $37 million investment in strategic initiatives for Nova Scotian agriculture by the federal and provincial governments
  • federal/provincial/territorial Canadian Agricultural Partnership programs are cost-shared
  • applicants to the advancer program can apply for 30 per cent assistance to a maximum of $300,000
  • the funding to den Haan Greenhouses will increase the business’s total yield by 25 to 30 per cent and help reduce the operation’s overall carbon footprint
  • Forest Glen Greenhouses, operated by Judy Thompson, has contracts to supply seasonal and Christmas plant products to major grocery and home renovation chains with garden centres throughout the Maritimes

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